General conditions

  1. Eligibility criteria for CHEQ token rewards may be defined for "missions" or "campaigns". These criteria will need to be satisfied in full for a token wallet / participant to be eligible for rewards.
  2. Entering token wallet or other details do not guarantee CHEQ token rewards. Each submission is reviewed using automated and manual systems to ensure it meets airdrop rules and relevant compliance requirements.
  3. Token reward amounts in CHEQ tokens may be variable, depending on the criteria for different airdrop "missions" or "campaigns".
  4. Airdrop token rewards will only be sent to the cheqd wallet address provided through validated official forms and submission channels. To keep the description process secure, we will not accept modifications to wallet addresses after submission.


While we make every attempt to award eligible wallets, there are certain scenarios in which at the sole discretion of the cheqd team where we will disqualify wallets that otherwise meet airdrop campaign criteria.

A non-exhaustive list of reasons for disqualification are:

  1. Attempting to claim against the same cheqd token wallet address multiple times (unless explicitly allowed under campaign rules).
  2. Claiming multiple "unique" entries from using different email addresses, browser sessions, social media usernames, etc.
  3. Entering wallet addresses from invalid blockchains, e.g., BTC/ETH wallets.
  4. Providing invalid/malformed token wallet addresses, e.g., cheqd wallet address with the end/middle truncated.
  5. Circumventing technical measures used to block participation from restricted geographies.
  6. Spamming our social media channels (e.g., Telegram, Twitter, Discord) or our support channels with excessive messages and/or duplicated requests.
  7. Using wallets installed on unsupported browsers, as they may generate invalid wallet addresses.

We also reserve the right to put participants/wallets that engage in attempts to game the airdrop distribution mechanisms on a denylist that blocks participation in our community rewards schemes.

Restricted / Limited Geographies

We use automated and manual measures to determine whether a participant/community member is from restricted or limited geography. We may disqualify airdrop submissions and/or implement additional checks for airdrop claim submissions from restricted/limited geographies.

We understand and acknowledge that many of these geographies are important markets for us. As such, we are careful in the activities we promote in these geographies to ensure compliance.

Restricted Countries

Unfortunately, citizens and/or tax residents of certain geographies are not eligible for airdrop campaigns due to regulatory/compliance restrictions.

The full list of geographies we currently consider restricted is as follows. Any submissions from these countries will be blocked and deemed ineligible.

  1. United States of America (USA)
  2. US Territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands)

This list is regularly updated and subject to review. It may evolve over time to add/remove countries.

Limited Countries

In addition to "restricted" geographies (which are blocked entirely), we consider the following countries to be limited geographies due to significantly higher-than-usual rates of fraudulent claims. Submissions from these countries may be subject to additional manual checks as well as technical measures to ensure that the airdrop process remains fair, by reducing the volume of fraudulent requests.

The full list of geographies we currently consider limited is as follows.

  1. Indonesia

This list is regularly updated and subject to review. It may evolve over time to add/remove countries.