Detailed eligibility criteria for Mission One

We thank our community who participated in the Mission One airdrop. We're overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and engagement that we have seen. We received approx. 40,170 entries from 162+ countries during this particular mission/campaign and massively grew our community on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. 

Read more about the statistics behind Mission One airdrop and find out more about Mission Two aidrops.

All distributions for Mission One airdrop are now complete. If you believe you were meant to receive tokens, the reasons why you have not received any tokens can broadly be broken down into the categories below.

Please note that if you received an email from ViralSweep, this does NOT automatically make your Mission One entry valid. Your entry may have had other issues, as described below, which could have impacted your rewards.

Ineligible Entries

We would like to remind our community members that in addition to the reasons listed above, any submissions to our airdrops must also satisfy our terms & conditions for community rewards.

Out of the 40,170 entries received, only 25,700 entries were marked as passing the automated checks for spam detection by our social engagement platform ViralSweep. Our of these these 25,700 entries, approx. 10,300 entries were deemed ineligible because due to one or more issues described below:

  1. ~9,000 entries provided no wallet address at all
    1. ~30 people provided the help text example wallet address in the form as their own wallet address incorrectly
    2. ~20 people provided truncated wallet addresses (e.g., cheqd1xxx…xxx)
    3. A few entries used 70-90+ fake email addresses tied to the same wallet account
    4. 50+ entries provided different wallet addresses linked to the same email address
    5. 1 entry shared a wallet's mnemonic backup phrase (please don't ever do this) 
  2. ~8,000 entries did not follow us on Twitter
  3. ~9,000 entries did not join our Telegram group and/or Discord

The numbers above add up to more than 10,300 because some of the entries failed a single criteria, while others failed multiple criteria.

Unfortunately, we will not be accepting any claims/support requests if your submissions failed any of the criteria described above. In line with our airdrop terms & conditions, we also reserve the right to put these entries on a denylist for any future airdrop missions.

Wallet addresses from other (non-cheqd networks) provided

In addition to eligible entries with cheqd wallet addresses, we also received approx. 700 entries where entries provided wallet address from Cosmos, Juno, Secret, Regen etc - despite the instruction to provide a cheqd wallet address. Instead of rejecting these otherwise valid entries, we made the effort to calculate the equivalent cheqd wallet address and counted them as eligible.

However, it was not possible to always successfully convert addresses to cheqd wallet addresses. In this scenario, we unfortunately can't reward any tokens for airdrop Mission One.

Eligible Entries with Invalid Wallet Address

After removing the ineligible entries defined in the criteria above and/or for non-compliance with our airdrop terms & conditions, we were left with approx. 15,400 valid entries (~38% of overall entries). We completed distributions to these set of cheqd wallet addresses around 11 March 2022 19:15 UTC.

After completion, we reviewed our distribution logs to check for any errors/failed transactions. We have completed an analysis and found that there were approx. 1,120 invalid cheqd wallet addresses (~7% of eligible entries) in this list. In other words, the entries provided wallet addresses that looked like but were not actual wallet addresses that tokens could be transferred to. See an example error log below:

Sending 300000000000ncheq ( 300 CHEQ ) to cheqd1...xsh44g.
Error: decoding bech32 failed: invalid checksum (expected gjm47e got xsh44g)

This is because every Cosmos chain wallet address (including cheqd wallet addresses), have a built-in logic called a "checksum" that allows applications to verify whether a given wallet address is malformed or not.

Unfortunately, we are unable to send tokens to these invalid cheqd wallet addresses for airdrop Mission One. Since there is no way to recover a correct wallet address for these entries, validate these entries, or to send tokens to them, these wallets will be ineligible.

Read more about common reasons why wallet addresses may be invalid and compatibility issues with Keplr Wallet on unsupported mobile browsers.