Getting started with Keplr wallet

To ensure that your Keplr browser plugin wallet has the latest network configuration for cheqd mainnet, please ensure that you add the network configuration only from trusted, authoritative sources. 

Since there has been a huge increase in the number of Cosmos chains in the past two years as the community grows, not all chains are directly supported on Keplr wallet out-of-the-box. Keplr's official, recommended method to add support for such networks is using their Suggest Chain feature, that allows a website to add chain configuration data to your wallet plugin.

Keplr's Suggest Chain feature only works with the desktop/browser plugin. Keplr's mobile app on iOS/Android does NOT currently support cheqd.

In addition to cheqd, this technique is also used by other large Cosmos networks that are not officially integrated, such as Terra, Gravity Bridge, Comdex, etc. Rest assured, that this technique is completely safe and actively used in the Cosmos chains ecosystem.

Install Keplr wallet

  1. Install Keplr on Chrome through the Keplr browser plugin for Chrome.
    1. There are specific steps to follow if you're reinstalling Keplr.
  2. Once installed, either:
    1. Create a new Keplr account
    2. Or, import an existing account into Keplr

Determining if you have the latest cheqd network configuration in Keplr

Sometimes, the chain configuration that shows up in Keplr Wallet extension is outdated. This happens often the Suggest Chain network configuration was added a long time ago, or from a non-authoritative source for cheqd network configuration.

An easy way to check this is if your Keplr wallet shows a section called Stake or IBC Transfer. If it does not show these sections, your Keplr wallet likely has outdated configuration for cheqd network.

Don't worry if this is the case. In the next section, we describe how you can update your cheqd network configuration.

Configuring latest cheqd mainnet details on Keplr wallet

Removing existing/outdated cheqd network from Keplr (only if applicable)

CAUTION: We highly recommend saving your Keplr wallet mnemonic securely before proceeding with this step. There is no other way to recover wallets besides Keplr's own recovery process.

You only need to do this if your configuration is outdated, as described above. This process involves removing existing cheqd mainnet details and then adding them. There should no loss of access to token wallets if this is carried out correctly.

  1. Switch the wallet display to a network other than cheqd: First, change the network/wallet display to anything other than cheqd, as shown in the example below.

  2. Click the 'x' next to your cheqd network details: Don't worry, your cheqd wallet address will be added back in the next step. Your wallet address will remain the same. 

Adding correct cheqd mainnet details to Keplr

NOTE: As stated earlier, adding CHEQ wallets via the Keplr browser extension is only officially supported on desktop Chrome browser. There is no officially supported way to add cheqd network wallets via Keplr on mobile browsers and doing so might result in invalid wallet addresses being created.

If you're adding cheqd to your Keplr for the first time - or if you've removed outdated configuration as described above - you can add the network configuration using our recommended method as described below.

  1. Go to cheqd's Omniflix inSync web app: While the cheqd network configuration can be added by any Cosmos dApp that supports cheqd (such as Osmosis DEX, Emeris DEX), the recommended method is to add it via
  2. Accept the prompt to add new network details: This step adds the latest cheqd mainnet configuration.

  3. Accept to give access to your cheqd account to Omniflix: This step is optional, but allowing accessing to Omniflix inSync allows you to stake/redelegate your CHEQ tokens, vote on governance proposals, etc.

    All done! Your cheqd wallet address should now be restored, along with the latest cheqd network configuration. You may want to also check out our block explorer for viewing additional data on validators, transactions and account balances etc.