Superfluid staking is a new concept on Osmosis DEX where people can stake/delegate their tokens as well as bond them to liquidity pools at the same time. For now, this is only active on Pool #1 ATOM/OSMO

However, superfluid staking will NOT count towards the criteria for Mission Two (Stage One) that allows eligible token wallet to claim CHEQ airdrop rewards for staking ATOM, OSMO, and JUNO. In other words, it does not count towards the 10 ATOM / 20 OSMO minimum staking requirements for Mission Two.

This is because when a token wallet is participating in superfluid staking has its tokens converted from OSMO / ATOM IBC tokens to a special type of Liquidity Pool Token ("LP Token"), which not the same thing as an OSMO / ATOM token. Furthermore, it's very hard to determine whether an LP token in Pool #1 is participating in superfluid staking or not, since this in an optional, opt-in feature.

You can check this visually on block explorers (like Mintscan for Osmosis) and plugging in an Osmosis wallet address. You'll notice that superfluid staking does not come up under the delegations tab, and there is no distinction between LP tokens and superfluid-staked LP tokens.

While we would have really liked to make it possible to give rewards for these as well, there is no easy way unfortunately at the moment to determine this eligibility criteria. We are extremely excited about the concept of superfluid staking though, and hope this expands to other Osmosis DEX pools in the future.

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