Submissions that voted for JUNO as their favourite Cosmos project received 300 CHEQ tokens instead of 250 CHEQ tokens (which was the default award value). 

One of the tasks during Mission One social engagement was a public vote to decide which Cosmos chain, besides ATOM and OSMO, we would give our rewards for. One of the questions in that was:

Which other Cosmos project are you excited about?
Beyond CHEQ, ATOM and OSMO, which project would you like to see in the second mission (snapshot). We will add an extra reward for everyone that votes for the project with most votes. We recommend you to invite your friends to vote for the same project as you.

Through this particular popular vote, we selected JUNO network stakers as the third Cosmos chain we'd reward stakers for. Therefore, if you've received a smaller amount of CHEQ tokens, it is on the basis of what you voted for during Mission One.

NOTE: If you have received no CHEQ tokens for Mission One airdrop, here are some common reasons why.