Keplr Wallet's browser extension is only supported officially on Google Chrome desktop browser. Chrome browser on Apple iOS / Google Android do not support browser extensions.

We have come across support requests from people who have used alternative mobile browsers on Android such as Kiwi Browser to install the Keplr Chrome plugin. This method is NOT recommended and will likely result in wallet addresses that are invalid.

We found on closer analysis that if desktop Chrome plugins such as Keplr are added to Kiwi Browser and cheqd network configuration added (e.g., from cheqd's Omniflix page), the wallet addresses generated match the format but are invalid.

We do recognise that official mobile support for CHEQ tokens is important to a large demographic, and we have plans in our roadmap to support this in the future. However, we are also currently restricted by what's possible with third-party software such as Keplr Wallet.

Therefore, we recommend anyone using cheqd network to only use Keplr on Chrome desktop browser, not via mobile browsers. Other desktop browsers such as Brave or Edge are also NOT officially supported by Keplr.

NOTE: Keplr also has their own mobile app for iOS and Android, but this currently does not support adding configuration for new networks such as cheqd.