If you encounter errors during the airdrop claims process, interacting with the cheqd network, or if the cheqd support team has stated that a particular cheqd wallet address was "invalid", here are common reasons why this might be the case.

Wallet addresses from unsupported / mobile browsers

We have come across scenarios where cheqd wallet addresses were added using unsupported mobile browsers such as Kiwi Browser. Unfortunately, the addresses generated using unsupported browsers are invalid as Keplr Wallet extension is only works correctly on desktop browsers and is not supported on mobile browsers.

Other desktop browsers such as Brave or Edge are also NOT officially supported by Keplr. We recommend only using Chrome on a desktop for compatibility reasons.

Wallet addresses were copied incorrectly

If the wallet address was copied in manually, characters may have been left out when copy-pasting into a form.

Incorrect wallet addresses from a different network

For example, taking a Cosmos wallet address that begins and just replacing the first part with (keeping everything else after it the same). This is not a valid wallet address, as the conversion process to derive wallet addresses on other networks is not the same as replacing the first part with a different network's address prefix.

Keplr Wallet linked to invalid cheqd network configuration

This can happen if the cheqd network configuration that added the "cheqd mainnet" entry in Keplr wallet is added from a non-trusted source. (Our recommended method is to add it from cheqd's Omniflix inSync).