Airdrop claims process

Mission Two CHEQ token rewards are available for all eligible wallet addresses to claim, as of Friday, 25th March 2022. Read more about Mission Two eligibility criteria and our aims for rewarding community members as part of this airdrop.

If you have already withdrawn rewards, but are unable to stake or do token transfers, this is likely due to outdated chain configuration. Updating your cheqd chain configuration in Keplr Wallet should resolve these issues.

Checking your wallet's eligibility

To submit a claim, please visit our rewards site at and provide us with your wallet address to check for eligibility. You do this either by:

  1. Click the Connect Keplr Wallet button (on desktop devices only). This should prompt for access to read your CHEQ (cheqd-mainnet-1), ATOM (cosmoshub-4), OSMO (osmosis-1), and JUNO (juno-1) wallet addresses. This access is only used to read the wallet address of any of the inter-linked Cosmos chain wallets. (Note: connecting your Keplr wallet is not available on mobile devices.)
  2. Manually enter any one wallet address from CHEQ, ATOM, OSMO, or JUNO networks. Since Cosmos chain wallet addresses are all interlinked with each other, you do not need to enter wallet addresses from all four networks separately to see whether you're eligible.

Reviewing your wallet's reward tiers

If your wallet address is eligible

You will be shown how many CHEQ token rewards you are eligible to receive. This pop-up should show how much our records show you are eligible to receive based on ATOM / OSMO / JUNO staking as well as CHEQ staking / Liquidity Pool participation. When you click the Claim button, it will submit the CHEQ wallet address due to receive token rewards and put it into a pending queue for reward distribution.

Even if you have previously claimed, you will be able to follow on claims. This might be the case, for example, if our initial calculations for the rewards you were supposed to receive were incorrectly calculated.

If you have already submitted a claim

In case you have already submitted a claim for all rewards that your wallet address is due, you will be shown a message that confirms your submission was successful and will be distributed to your CHEQ token wallet. You can check your wallet address balance on our block explorer or within Keplr wallet.

This screen will also tell you in case you have any pending / in progress token reward distributions.

If your wallet address is ineligible

Your wallet address could be ineligible due to one or more reasons. This could be due to not meeting the eligibility criteria for ATOM/OSMO/JUNO staking, CHEQ staking/LPing eligibility criteria, or due to your wallet address being denylisted for violating the terms & conditions of our airdrops.

What are the maximum CHEQ rewards I can get for each tier?

CHEQ token reward tiers for Mission Two were determined based on the following criteria:

  1. Staking ATOM, OSMO, JUNO: Minimum staking thresholds were counted as the sum total per account across any number of validators.
    1. Staking at least 20 OSMO: 50 CHEQ
    2. Staking at least 20 JUNO: 50 CHEQ
    3. Staking at least 10 ATOM: 50 CHEQ (please note that superfluid ATOM staking via Osmosis DEX does not count towards this minimum threshold)
  2. Staking CHEQ or participating in Liquidity Pools: Similar to the above, the minimum thresholds and equivalent rewards for this Mission Two stages were:
    1. Staking at least 100 CHEQ: 50 CHEQ
    2. Bonding in CHEQ:OSMO Liquidity Pool 602: 500 CHEQ
    3. Bonding in CHEQ:ATOM Liquidity Pool 617: 500 CHEQ

A wallet address that is eligible for all of the criteria above would therefore be eligible to receive 1200 CHEQ tokens for Mission Two. Combined with Mission One rewards which were eligible for 300 CHEQ tokens, this would be up to 1500 CHEQ tokens that a wallet address could have received.