Additional wallets/reward tiers identified

If you were previously showing as ineligible for rewards OR not eligible on all criteria, please check your wallet again on We have updated the reward tiers list to include accounts that were missed out earlier.

We initially launched claims for our Mission Two airdrops based on eligibility criteria across ATOM, OSMO, JUNO, CHEQ staking and DEX LPs, on 25th March 2022. On the same day, we identified that there were inconsistencies in the reward eligibility list for OSMO Liquidity Pools and initiated an investigation.

Based on additional reports from our community members about their wallets being shown as ineligible despite staking tokens or participating in LPs, we re-analysed all of the staking as well as Liquidity Pool data against our eligibility criteria.

We have identified additional wallets that are eligible for rewards, or existing wallets that are eligible for further rewards. This updated rewards site went live on 1st April 2022. Here is a breakdown of the updates carried out.

Eligibility CriteriaOriginal Rewards Site
(25th March 2022)
Updated Rewards Site
(1st April 2022)
ATOM Staking141,838149,658+7,820 (+5.51%)
OSMO Staking45,19063,692+18,502 (+40.9%)
JUNO Staking27,95933,501+5,542 (+19.8%)
CHEQ Staking6,8986,993+95 (+1.3%)
Liquidity Pool #6021,1832,110+927 (+78.3%)
Liquidity Pool #6175451,244+699 (+128.3%)
Total unique eligible wallets171,923204,229+32,306 (+18.7%)

We sincerely apologise to our community members for these omissions. We know that it must be frustrating to know that your wallet met all the eligibility criteria, but the correct reward tiers weren't shown on the site.

One of the reasons why we've not been able to respond to each individual support ticket raised is that we knew there were multiple wallets impacted by these errors. We have thoroughly checked the data, but we do realise that due to the root cause behind the issue there might be additional wallets eligible for rewards (especially for JUNO/ATOM staking). Please let us know through a support ticket (or update an existing one, if you've filed already) and we'll look into this.

What should I do if my wallet was showing incorrect reward tiers previously?

Please visit the rewards claim site and check if your wallet is eligible for additional rewards. It was updated (on 1st April 2022) with a fresh list of every previously-eligible address as well as new wallets we identified as meeting the eligibility criteria. This update included any previously claimed rewards as well as any additional tiers your wallet may be eligible for.

We've also significantly sped up the pace at which pending distribution claims are sent out. This should hopefully result in shorter waits when filing a claim.

If you've already claimed in the past, you can still file a follow-on claim. You will be shown additional rewards (If any) and be able to submit a claim for the difference between your total eligible rewards and any that remain not withdrawn.

If you have already withdrawn rewards, but are unable to stake or do token transfers, this is likely due to outdated chain configuration. Updating your cheqd chain configuration in Keplr Wallet should resolve these issues.