Most delays with token distribution have now been resolved. Our expected wait time has been reduced down to up to 24 hours again, but may be slower during periods of higher demand.

We expect most CHEQ token reward distributions to be in the claimed wallet address within a few hours, but if there's a significant number of claims this can be delayed up to 24 hours from the time when a claim was submitted. Please be assured that if you have already submitted a claim on the rewards site, your CHEQ tokens will be sent to your wallet address.

All eligible claim submissions are securely saved into a queue of pending distributions. Every minute, there are multiple distribution wallet accounts that check for pending claims and submit transactions to the cheqd network ledger. One of the main restrictions to the pace at which we can distribute claims is the average block time, i.e., the rate are which new blocks are created on the ledger. For the past few months, the average block time has been around 6 seconds per block, which is a minimum limit that our distribution wallets need to wait before they can move on to distribute to the next pending claim. You can always find the latest block time on to understand what the latest block time is.