Our investigation into this issue is still ongoing. We expect to have re-calculations done for Osmosis LP participation and will let our community know when this is ready.

We identified issues with calculations for OSMO Liquidity Pool rewards on Friday, 25th March 2022. Here is what we know so far:

  1. Out of a global total of 400,000+ OSMO addresses, we were able to correctly check approx. 61,000 of these wallets for participation in both Pool 602 and Pool 617. However, due to a bug in pulling in the rest of the snapshot data, the remainder of the addresses only pulled in either the data for Pool 602 or Pool 617, whichever the wallet bonded to the LP first.
  2. We attempted to rectify this by re-analysing the data from an internal Osmosis node we were running - but got rate-limited by our hosting provider in being able to recover this node. We'll return to pulling this data again in the next few days and recalculate.
  3. In some instances, we've also seen that people added to the liquidity pool - but didn't lock their tokens. As we stated earlier, unbonded LP entries aren't eligible.
  4. Overall, we still identified approx. 1,200 OSMO/CHEQ addresses bonded to pool 602 eligible for rewards; and 545 OSMO/CHEQ addresses bonded to Pool 617 for rewards.

Rest assured that if you bonded to LP 602 and 617, you'll get your CHEQ token rewards. The airdrop claims site is designed so that we can update the reward tiers for eligible addresses. In case you are eligible for additional rewards, you'll be able to submit a follow-on claim.

We apologise for the omissions caused due to the bug when we pulled this data. We will keep updating this article as our investigation progresses.